There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

By Colin Powell
a retired US four-star general


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You Need to have Someone Managed your IT

Growing your business is your passion. This is something you want to do and it is your expertise. However, with the increasing competition and ways to market a business, it is inevitable that in order to grow, you need to have your IT infrastructure in check. But the problem is, that is something you don't want to do and it is not part of your skill set.

This is where Arinda IT - Fully Managed IT service provider comes in. They offer wifi solutions, IT support and services packages, and best of all, they have a wonderful support that is there with you whenever you need to be. It is like having a full pledged IT department even your company doesn't have one.

Here is some things you need to know before you get a fully managed IT service provider for your company.


It is great to outsource to the Philippines

Outsourcing is now big among American companies. What they do is that they outsource some of their jobs, especially those that doesn't need much attention, to countries that have less minimum wage. Because of this, the operation cost of US companies becomes cheaper. At the same time, job seekers from less fortunate countries have a high paying job to do. Therefore, it is a win-win situation.

Mini jobs range from simple Social account creation up to complicated IT jobs like computer programming and Search Engine Optimization. Fiverr is one of those platforms that made it easier for outsourcers to find someone to do the work for only $5.

In this featured article, we interviewed an SEO guy from Philippines who is starting to see success in what he is doing. His website ranks in the big search engine for the term, SEO Expert Philippines. Today, despite the fact that he is thousand miles away, his clients are mostly American and Australian business owners. Of course, his income is not significant compared to American Dream standard, but in Philippines, his cash flow is already as great as the income of a physician. Check the whole interview.

Check the interview

Hack is Facebook's Secret to Success

It may sound that it doesn’t really make sense but the word “Hack” has something to do with the success of the social giant Facebook. It is not about how they triumphantly overtook Friendster in a very exploitive way but it is all about their work ethics.

Listen to how Mark Zuckerberg explains this work, “Move fast and break things.” This idea is very important and that is why is everywhere is Facebook’s compound.

This philosophy is actually not brand new but I believe it is very relevant in how our world revolves today. Things change very fast. And that is exact reason why Facebook wants to “Hack”. They believe that need to do things fast and the need to try everything in order to succeed. Little achievements as they go along can really make a difference. If they stop and think for just a moment, they will miss the opportunity. Questioning only matters if it is about finding new things. Questions should not be used if they are going to do it or not.


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